CompLRev: Editorial & Refereeing Policy

The current Editoral Board of the Competition Law Review consists of the CLaSF Management Board and a number of leading experts in Compettion Law and Regulation:

Prof Alan Riley, Joint Editor (CLaSF Chair)
Mr Angus MacCulloch, Joint Editor (CLaSF Vice-Chair & CLaSF Comms Officer)
Prof Barry Rodger, Joint Editor (CLaSF Treasuer)

Professor Steve Anderman
Professor Cosmo Graham
Professor Anthony Ogus
Professor Tony Prosser
Professor Brenda Sufrin
Professor Richard Whish

All submissions to the Review should be submitted to either Joint Editor, by May 1 for the July issue and October 1 for the December issue, by e-mail at the following address:

The Editors encourage submissions to be between 8,000 – 10,000 words, and will not accept submissions of greater than 12,000 words (excluding Footnotes). The Editors also encourage all submissions to use OSCOLA citations. The CompLRev also welcomes the submission of book reviews and case comment.

The joint editors undertake a first stage informal review of the article. After consultation regarding a appropriate referees, articles will then be transmitted for the formal stage of the anonymous refereeing process. The aim will be to deliver a final view on publication of a submitted paper within six weeks of submission. There will be no fixed pool of referees, and referees will be drawn from the CLaSF membership, the Editorial Board and other experts in competition law and related subjects as appropriate. No article will be published in the Review without first receiving the approval of two referees.