CompLRev: Notes for Contributors

1. Submissions to the Review

Submissions to the Review should be submitted electronically to, preferably in MS Word format. If the material is in another format please set out the format that the file is in. The author’s name should appear under the title, and should be asterisked, with the author’s designation just above the footnotes.

The Editors encourage submissions to be between 8,000 – 10,000 words, and will not accept submissions of greater than 12,000 words (excluding Footnotes). The Editors also encourage all submissions to use OSCOLA citations.

2. Abstracts

Articles should be preceded by a short abstract of no more than 300 words. Abstracts for articles will be printed in the journal, and abstracts will be posted on the web site to facilitate searches by readers.

3. Headings

Please limit the use of headings to those which add to clarity. Do not use more than four levels of headings.

4. Quotations

These should be clearly indicated by single quotation marks, with double quotation marks used for quotes within quotes. Where a quotation is more than three lines long, it should be indented as a separate paragraph and with no quotation marks.

5. Citations

All citations should be in the OSCOLA format