Forum Mission Statement

The primary object of the Competition Law Scholars Forum is the promotion of competition law scholarship, in the United Kingdom, the Member States of the European Union, and those states who may accede to the European Union.

The secondary objects include:

  • improving the quality of competition law teaching in University Law Schools;
  • encouraging the teaching of competition law in University Law Schools;
  • improving knowledge and understanding of competition law among the wider community of legal scholars, the legal profession, policy-makers and the general public;
  • disseminating knowledge and understanding of competition law in Central and Eastern European and developing countries; and
  • raising funds to support scholarly research into competition law.

Any person holding a teaching or research post in a University Law School for whom competition law is a significant focus of their work may become a Full Member of the CLaSF. In addition, any other person who has made a significant contribution to competition legal scholarship may also become a full member of the CLaSF.

Any person may apply to become an associate member of the CLaSF.

Associate Members have a right to receive papers and documentation generated by Workshops and to be kept informed of the activities of the CLaSF.