Vol 11 Issue 1 of the Competition Law Review Published 

The latest issue of the Competition Law Review – focusing on ‘Competition Law in Leisure Markets‘ – has been published.

It features an exciting range of issues from Sports to Search. It includes papers from Stefano Bastianon, Beverley Williamson, Francisco Marcos, Oskar van Maren, Anca D Chirita, Victoria Daskalova, and Catalin S Rusu.

Editorial: Competition Law in Leisure Markets (125.6 KiB)

The Striani Challenge to UEFA Financial Fair-Play. A New Era after Bosman or Just a Washout? (323.7 KiB)

Premiership Rugby Union: Through the Antitrust Looking Glass (224.7 KiB)

Entertainment made in Spain: competition in the bullfighting industry? (304.5 KiB)

The Real Madrid case: A State aid case (un)like any other? (288.4 KiB)

Google’s Anti-Competitive and Unfair Practices in Digital Leisure Markets (322.2 KiB)

Consumer Welfare in EU Competition Law: What Is It (Not) About? (331.7 KiB)

Case Comment: Workload Division after the Si.mobil and easyJet Rulings of the General Court (171.4 KiB)