Monthly Archives: July 2023

Competition Law Review – Volume 15 Issue 1

The latest issue of the Competition Law Review has now been published. This issue features papers from an exciting range of Scholars and focuses on exciting changes to competition law stemming from the development of digital markets.

Papers include: Caforio discussing algorithmic collusion; Lorenzoni examining interactions with AI; Beems, van de Gronden & Catalin Rusu on the DMA; and, Mendelsohn on digital conglomerates. The issues editorial is presented by Oles Andriychuk.

Access to the papers is from the CompLRev page

Call for Papers – 40th CLaSF Workshop

CLaSF is celebrating its 40th CLaSF Workshop by going home!

In this Clasf Workshop we want to celebrate and showcase the important contribution that competition law academics make to debates on competition law enforcement and policy. Accordingly, the key theme here is research recently or currently undertaken by academics which can help to make a significant contribution to our understanding of aspects of competition law and in particular which will engage with and contribute to recent, ongoing and future developments in competition law enforcement and policy-making.

Please see the Event Page for full details of the Call.