Benefits of Membership

The Benefits of Individual Membership

  • Individual Members elect the Management Board of the Forum.
  • Members will be informed of, and be able to attend, all CLaSF events.
  • Members can receive papers and documentation generated by CLaSF events.
  • Members may receive discounts on papers and books published by the CLaSF.

Membership Fee: £50, €50 or $60 per annum.

The Benefits of Corporate Membership

CLaSF offers the possibility for a limited number of law firms to become corporate members – with the ability to lead and participate in debates on the future of competition policy.

Corporate membership offers:

  • The right to suggest topics for future CLaSF workshops;
  • The possibility of hosting a CLaSF workshop;
  • Free attendance at two workshops each year to be held by CLaSF by up to two members of your organisation;
  • Copies of all the presentations given at the workshop made available to you electronically;
    Right to offer papers for presentation and the ability to collaborate thereon with CLaSF members;
  • Access to a range of academics and policy-makers at workshops;
  • Free access to CLaSF working papers and all articles in the on-line journal, Competition Law Review.

The annual membership fee for a corporate member of CLaSF is £1,000/€1,000 – less than the cost of a single person attending a commercially-organised conference on competition law.