About the CompLRev

The CompLRev was launched in August 2004

The Competition Law Review (CompLRev) will be published twice a year in August and December and will be cited (2004) 1(1) CompLRev, (2004) 1(2) CompLRev, (2005) 2(1) CompLRev etcetera.

The CompLRev will initially be published online. However the Management Board intend to investigate the possibilities of publishing a paper version at a later date. Each issue will be focused on the theme of the immediately previous April or September workshop.

Although the aim will be to publish papers from the workshops there will be no automatic right for a paper presented at the workshop to be published in the CompLRev. Clearly therefore, although the journal will largely draw upon material from the workshop, it would not be limited to such and presentation at a workshop would not guarantee publication. The CompLRev would also encourage and accept submissions of quality scholarly articles on competition law within the broad scope of a particular workshop theme, and in appropriate circumstances approach leading academics in a particular field, who may not be able to attend a workshop, to submit a scholarly piece of work, with a view to further enhancing the status of the journal. Each issue will have an editorial on the workshop theme and submitted articles by a member of the Editorial Board or an invited competition law specialist.

The editorial board of the Review consistsĀ of the CLaSF Management Board, of whom the Review’s Joint Editors will be the Chair and Vice-Chair of CLaSF. In addition, a number of notable competition law and regulation specialists are on the editorial board: Professor Tony Prosser, Professor Richard Whish, Professor Anthony Ogus, Professor Steve Anderman, Professor Brenda Sufrin and Professor Cosmo Graham.

All final article submissions should be by May 1 for the July issue and October 1 for the December issue respectively, by e-mail to the Chair/Vice-Chair of CLaSF.

There is no formal word limit on article submissions, although the Editors advise against submission of articles in excess of 12,000 words.

The CompLRev also welcomes the submission of book reviews and case comment which are topical and/or fall within the broad scope of the particular theme of the CompLRev issue.

The joint editors of the review Professors Roger and Riley undertake a first stage informal review of the article. Following re-drafting, where necessary, and after consultation regarding an appropriate referee, articles will be transmitted for the formal stage of the anonymous refereeing process. The aim will be to deliver a final view on publication of a submitted paper within six weeks of submission. There will be no fixed pool of referees, and referees will be drawn from the CLaSF membership, the Editorial Board and other experts in competition law and related subjects as appropriate.

The Production Editors of the Review are Mr Angus MacCulloch and Dr Mary Catherine Lucey.