Working Paper Series

The CLaSF Working Paper Series has been introduced by the Forum in order to promote scholarship in Competition Law and the activities of the Forum. The Working Paper Series will publish versions of some of the papers presented at CLaSF workshops and other occasional papers which Members of CLaSF wish to publish as part of the series.

If CLaSF Members wish to publish any papers as part of the Series please contact Angus MacCulloch, CLaSF Communications Officer using the website’s Contact page.

To download the papers simply click on the links below. All papers are in PDF format, and you will need a version of Adobe Reader (or equivalent) to view them.

CLaSF Working Paper 10

EU Merger Control and Acquisitions of (Non-Controlling) Minority Shareholdings - The State of Play
Catalin Stefan Rusu, Radboud University Nijmegen
CLaSF Working Paper 10 (February 2014)

CLaSF Working Paper 09

Competition Law and Public Policy Justification: the EU and Japan compared
Yoshiharu Ichikawa, Keio University & Japan Broadcasting Corporation
CLaSF Working Paper 09 (September 2009)

CLaSF Working Paper 07

Is it now time for a single Europe-wide fining policy? An analysis of the fining policies of the Commission and the Member States
James Killick, White & Case
CLaSF Working Paper 07 (December 2005)

CLaSF Working Paper 06

The Modernization of the System of Implementation of Articles 81 and 82 of the Treaty of the European Community from the Spanish Perspective
Alfonso Luis Calvo Caravaca, Carlos III University in Madrid;María Pilar Canedo Arrillaga, Universidad de Deusto in Bilbao;Natividad Goñi Urriza, Universidad Pública de Navarra in Pamplona
CLaSF Working Paper 06 (October 2004)

CLaSF Working Paper 05

Decentralised Application of EU Competition Law: A Strategic Approach
Teresa Rodríguez de las Heras Ballell, Carlos III University of Madrid
CLaSF Working Paper 05 (August 2004)

CLaSF Working Paper 04

Enlargement and State Aid in CEECs
Dr Andrew Evans, Queen's Univeristy Belfast
CLaSF Working Paper 04 (January 2004)

CLaSF Working Paper 03

The Systems of International Cooperation in Administrative and Criminal Matters in Relation to Regulation EC 1/2003
Oswald Jansen, GJ Wiarda Institute, Law Faculty, University of Utrecht
CLaSF Working Paper 03 (January 2004)

CLaSF Working Paper 02

Clarification or Confusion? How to reconcile the ECJ’s rulings in Altmark and Chronopost?
Dr Andreas Bartosch, Haver & Mailänder, Brussels, & European State Aid Law Institute, Berlin
CLaSF Working Paper 02 (October 2003)

CLaSF Working Paper 01

The Competition Act 1998 and State Entities as Undertakings: promises to be an interesting debate
Professor Barry J Rodger, University of Strathclyde
CLaSF Working Paper 01 (September 2003)