The Competition Law Scholars Forum (CLaSF) promotes scholarship in the field of Competition Law

The primary object of the Competition Law Scholars Forum is the promotion of competition law scholarship, in the United Kingdom, the Member States of the European Union, and those states who may accede to the European Union.Any person holding a teaching or research post in a University for whom competition law is a significant focus of their work may become a Member of the Forum. In addition, any other person who has made a significant contribution to competition legal scholarship may also become a Member of the Forum.

The Forum holds Workshops on topical competition law themes every Spring and Autumn. It encourages Forum Members to suggest themes for future Workshops.

CLaSF also publishes the Competition Law Review, a scholarly journal giving academics and legal practitioners a space to present scholarly thinking on competition law and policy.

You can communicate directly with CLaSF through our Facebook Group or through Twitter using #CLaSF.